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URIDOC™ massager is a simple & efficient non-invasive device that produces electronic pulses, to output bio electrical signals with a built in vibration generator.


Why Uridoc?

URIDOC Massager - improves urination

Uridoc is an easy to use, simple and efficient device which helps your body work better. Uridoc improves your life from the first use, providing immediate relief.

Treating Urinary hesitancy, Urinary retention and Nocturia has never been this simple!

The Uridoc sends various patterns of electric pulses to your muscles through the 4 electrodes located at its bottom. The muscles react by contracting and relaxing, pressing the bladder and helping the urine vacate from it.

Uridoc offers 5 programs of patterns, so you can find the most suitable for you! The intensity can also be changed easily and even during use.

The Uridoc can also be used to treat sore muscles and stiff muscles to bring a therapeutic effect of massage and relieve the pains.




Fast and Effective!

Alternative for invasive devices.

Relieves pressure & pain in seconds.

Suitable for all ages.

Non invasive and Natural – no pills, drugs or surgery needed.

Uridoc - improves urination


All you have to do is to put the Uridoc on your abdomen and to turn it on! The Uridoc gives immediate relief and treats your urinary condition in minutes!


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